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Sapientia, the fourth level of anima.
 Anima represents the "feminine that exists in the male mind," as proposed by Jungian psychology, the theory of self-realization that has most strongly influenced me.
 It is the theory that all human beings are hermaphrodites, and that there is a female part of ourselves in our body and mind, although we are all unconscious of it. This is the theory that all human beings are hermaphrodites.

 Therefore, the image of the female version of oneself, will be determined according to one's personality and character.

 Jung asserts that this anima evolves as the male perception and personality develops as follows

  1. First stage ・・・ the physical, sexy woman.
  2. Second stage ・・・ a woman who is beautiful and wants to be a lover
  3. Third stage ・・・ a saint like Mary or Mother Teresa.
  4. Fourth stage・・・A wise woman who has all three of these elements and also possesses wisdom and sapientia (sapientia).

 Jung said, "It is rare for a man to reach the anima stage of wisdom, and Leonardo da Vinci and the Mona Lisa are typical examples"
 This work represents a modern Mona Lisa, the fourth stage of the anima .

 What is wisdom?

 It is the ability to accurately perceive people and the world, to offer various suggestions and services to the world to help people live better lives, and to propose and implement solutions to problems.

 Now, those who are familiar with Odilon Redon, one of the few masters of pastel painting in history, will immediately sense a certain influence from Redon in this work.
 In fact, there are various emotional meanings hidden in the feathery dragonflies and flowing river water in the background.

 I hope that the viewer will appreciate the work by speculating on the meaning and the role each part plays in the whole on a day-to-day basis.

 The original is a large A0 size (119cm x 84cm), painted on a wooden frame with water on Mi Tanto, a world-famous paper used exclusively for pastels.

 The beautiful and delicate matiere (skin), which is possible only with Mi Tanto paper and pastels, fascinates the viewer.

 The original is very different from the original, and the giclee prints reproduce this intensity to the maximum extent possible despite their small size.

This work is a diagrammatic representation of the Tibetan dance composed by Ruichi sakamoto using the "common physical laws of music and painting" that I have discovered.

 The music gives the impression of a round dance, like a Tibetan merry-go-round spinning, but in reality, the image is this picture: the Tibetan dance is a dance of the Tibetan people, and the music is a dance of the Tibetan people.

 Yes, it is. This is the Potala Palace, the residence of the Dalai Lama.

 It's a bit of a surprise, isn't it?

 I think Mr. Sakamoto had this image in mind and turned it into music.


The image of this picture should remind you of Mika Nakashima's (中島美嘉 Japanese singer) "Yuki no Hana(雪の華)" (Flower of Snow), but this is not just a winter scene.

Please take a good look at it.

It is strange, isn't it? This picture .

Now, what is strange about it?

I will leave that to you to think about.

Here is the Youtube video of Mika Nakashima's "Yuki no Hana"

COSMIC SYRFING This is my latest completed art work, "COSMIC SURFING".
Drawn with soft pastels on mermaid paper. The size is 84cm x 119cm.
Oil paints also stick to my body no matter how careful you are, but pastels are more tricky.
This piece was strongly influenced by the songs Firecracker and Cosmic Surfing by YMO.
You can watch it here.
God is dead

『God is dead! 』

I used Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and Corel Painter to create this new picture .

I hope you will think of it as a pastel painting.

I made a poem about this picture.

Please read it to understand the content of this picture

Titel:"God's declaration of death Yahweh's God Is Dead and Money Has Replaced Him!

You can read about it here.

Zarathustra said.

"God is dead! God remains dead!
And the time has come for the superhuman to live.

Rockefeller II said.

"Please read Nietzsche, father.
The superhuman is is exactly what you are"

The Music Picture “The Firebird(火の鳥), The Phoenix: The Spirit is Square and the Body is Round”

This is my new pastel painting. 

I created a poem for this art work . This is my first time to publish a poem.

You can read about it here.

『昭和20年 8月6日 午前8時14分59秒の京都』画像 『Kyoto 1945 August 6 AM 8:14:59 』
It is a picture completed on December 8, 2018

Because I used the common law of the picture and music that I discovered this time.
This is finished a art work that you can feel rhythmical and melodious emotion in a similar way when you listened to music.

This time I realized Music state of the picture that "京都慕情=The Kyoto affection" which is a hit song in Japan 1970 .
"京都慕情=The Kyoto affection" was composed by The Ventures.
Aren't you taken by the feeling that you are listening "The Kyoto affection" when you watch this picture.

In other words ,this picture is the art work which succeeded in integrating music and picture for the first time in the world.

By the way, this title is one second ago of the atomic bombing of Hiroshim .
The person in charge of "Manhattan Project", Brigadier General Leslie gloves very strongly insisted on the atomic bombing of Kyoto.
You would be think simply that it is a beateful picture ,if without this title.

『The longer you live, the more shame you suffer』


It is a picture completed on November 28, 2018.This title is the words that was wittren into the book of Chuang-tzu who is a Chinese philosopher.

There is a person like a 'Kikaider' in front of an operating table. Where is the scenery of the window.
It is Mars.
※'Kikaider' is a japanese hiro of the special photographing TV program of the Shotaro Ishimori original.

Kikaider Wikipedia

The key reading and understanding this picture is an thought of Peter Thiel , who is the first investor of Facebook and the founder of Paypal.
He said "the aim of my life is conquest of the death".
Thiel is a friend and associate partner of paypal with Elon Reeve Musk .
He is the CEO of Sapce X(Space Exploration Technologies Corp),SpaceX promotes a Mars emigration plan.

※This is digital picture ,I made it with an Illustrator,Photoshop Painter ,Poser.

  『オアンネスが苛立って放り投げたミュージックブック』画像 『Oannesu threw me a 'MUSIC  BOOK'in an irritable manner』

It is a picture completed on November 14, 2018.

I used the common law of the picture and music that I discovered this time,
This is finished a art work that you can feel rhythmical and melodious emotion in a similar way when you listened to music.
At first please appreciate it and please use imagination freely.
Who Was Oannes ? Oannes・・・
also known as Adapa and Uanna, was a Babylonian god from the 4th century BCE.
By the tradition from old times, People said Oannesu is in half fish people,
He taught the human civilization and culture at the first time in human history .

It is appear in the novel that name is " La Tentation de saint Antoine"(Temptation of St. Anthony) written by French novelist , Gustave Flaubert.
"And Odilon Redon draws it on several pictures.

※Tools used : Illustrator,Photoshop


It is a picture completed September 24, 2018

I think that you will feel rhythm and melody for movement such as consecutive sailfishs and sardines.
I used the common law of the picture and music that I discovered this time,
This is finished a art work that you can feel rhythmical and melodious emotion in a similar way when you listened to music.
If natural environments are not in a good state, such a scene is not seen.

Decisive jump (Salto Mortal )

It is a picture completed December 22, 2017
This idea is a idea of Octavio Paz ,Mexican poet and novelist who received the Nobel Prize for literature.

Poetry called "the departure" of Paz expressed this idea.
I will introduce some words of the Paz.

「If you became others, your self-realization is accomplished, and your humanity would be ripen. The human being falls into this world by becoming others,
And primary existence before falling off that paradise into this ground is recoveried .
Your primary existence is selves before divided to others with ego.」

Seleves and Ego is the idea of Carl Gustav Jung.

International Financial Capital Eager For War

It is a picture completed on May 7, 2017

Thought of the dominative like a imperialism by Rockefeller Morgan financial combine and the Rothchild financial combine which Professor Minoru Kurata of Otaru University of Commerce thought becomes the nuclear thought in this picture.
『グローバル資本主義の物語―その発展と矛盾 倉田稔著』(The story of the global capitalism - development and contradiction)

Praising Leonardo da Vinci 2

This picture is the vision that has been formed naturally from me in my college student days .
It expressed selves in the psychological theories of Carl Jung

※Soft pastel and Mermaid paper 108.5cm×78.5cm 

In rainy town (雨の街を Ameno machiwo)

This picture was intended to express the poetic sentiment feeling that poetry and a melody brought.

It has a hint from the hit song of the same name '雨の街を Ameno machiwo' written by Yumi Arai(荒井由実)japanese musician '

It may be said that this work aimed at the expression of 'Delicate sensitivity and feelings not to be able to express by the daily words' that Yumi Arai said.

※Soft pastel and Mermaid paper 78.5cm×78.5cm

Herodiade Ⅰ from poetry of Stephane Mallarme 

This is his poem 'Herodiade'

「Abolished, and her frightful wing in the tears
Of the basin, abolished, that mirrors forth our fears,
The naked golds lashing the crimson space,
An Aurora?heraldic plumage has chosen to embrace
Our cinerary tower of sacrifice,
Heavy tomb that a songbird has fled, lone caprice
Of a dawn vainly decked out in ebony plumes…
Ah, mansion this sad, fallen country assumes!
No splashing! the gloomy water, standing still,
No longer visited by snowy quill」

※Soft pastel and Mermaid paper 108.5cm×78.5cm

Herodiade Ⅱ from poetry of Stephane Mallarme

Words of Mallarme

「A red word like a bursts open pomegranate in the gray
I show you an beautiful ancient woman, it is inherent or innate in natulal craziness.
The woman says that it is hair.
Hair clings around the lips that the blood drips and a shining face. Like an elegant textile
In substitution for empty clothes, there is the wonderful body such as the jewel
We were attracted by the look in her eyes.
The breast which swelled high as if which overflows to mother’s milk ,
the nipple which turned to the sky the smooth both legs do not lose taste of the salt of the ancient sea」

「Mallarme」 by Guy Michaud 」

※Soft pastel and Mermaid paper 108.5cm×78.5cm

Myohorenge-kyo Sutra (Lotus Sutra 何無妙法蓮華経)

This picuture,I would like to draw the yellow receptacle which is center of receptacle, we do not usually notice this beaty.

It is an anax parthenope at the top left corner of the screen,there are few painters drowing an anax parthenope.
This has the meaning of the Antithese to Simulationism of the situation that there is nothing which should draw newly,because we already draw all.

※The seven kanji characters "南無妙法蓮華経"as a whole mean "I devote myself (embrace) to the teachings of the Lotus Sutra."

F20 Oil on canvas

Papilio dehaanii Papilio dehaanii

I want you to notice that we think it is inconsequential daily existence , but it exists by miraculous balance of nature.
We can not produce even for an Papilio dehaanii

※Soft pastel ,acrylic and oil, Mermaid paper 108.5cm×78.5cm

Swallowtail butterfly

I drew this picture with a pastel because it is suitable To draw the scales of the butterfly than acrylic or oil.Because of that, I begun to use a pastel .

※Soft pastel and Mermaid paper 108.5cm×78.5cm

The quintessence of the flower

Hideo Kobayashi said "There is not what's called beauty of flowers ,so there is a beautiful flower", but I do not think so.

I drew this picture with reference to this poetry of Stephane Mallarme.
Surgi de la croupe et du bond

written by Stephane Mallarme,
「D'une verrerie ephemere
Sans fleurir la veillee amere
Le col ignore s'interrompt.
Naif baiser des plus funebres !
A rien expirer annoncant
Une rose dans les tenebres.」
※Soft pastel and Mermaid paper 108.5cm×78.5cm

The near-death experience in "the autobiography" of Jung

I drew a dream of the near-death experience in "the autobiography" of Jung.
This picture drew Jung near-death experience.

「It seemed to me that I was high up in space. Far below I saw the globe of the Earth,
bathed in a gloriously blue light. I saw the deep blue sea and the continents.
Far below my feet lay Ceylon, and in the distance ahead of me the subcontinent of India.
My field of vision did not
include the whole Earth, but its global shape was plainly distinguishable and its outlines shone with a silvery gleam through that wonderful blue light.」

Oil on canvas F30

Last emperor

This is a picture that I translated musical score of Last emperor written by Ryuichi Sakamoto in a picture .

※ natural mineral pigments ,dyed mud pigmen, Acrylic paint, on canvas F50