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This is the official online art store of Masahiko Yokota, an extremely rare pastel artist in the world and historically, who lives in Sapporo, Japan, who works with soft pastels and colored pencils on large paintings like Odilon Redon, the master of pastel painting.

In this store, giclee prints are produced from scanned pastel originals and sold online.

Many people have purchased these giclee prints and they have been very well received!

Giclee prints are printed by a pigment printer and have a lightfastness of 200 years in normal exhibition.

The overwhelming vividness and quality of the prints are astonishing, beautifully reproducing the power of the pastel originals, even in small prints.

The prints are available in A4 and A3 sizes. Click on the image to the right to see an enlarged view!

I invite you to experience these giclee prints, which can only be appreciated by holding the actual prints in your hands!

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Da Vinci Raiment Pictures

The vividness and luxury of Masahiko Yokota's giclee prints are completely different from those seen on a computer or smartphone, and leave the viewer convinced and amazed that "this is not just a print,

They make the viewer feel confident and surprised that "this is not just a print, but a work of art.

Please take a look at this sample! Click on the image to enlarge it!

You can see the difference between the German etching and the Museum Etching.

If you look at the German etching under magnified detail, you can see that the texture of the picture skin is a little coarser. 

Printed on Hahnemühle  Museum Etching Printed on Hahnemühle Museum Etching
◆Printed on Hahnemühle Museum Etching
This paper has a finer surface than German etching and prints finer and more exquisite details.
This paper has been most widely used for etchings housed in museums around the world!

◆Printed on Hahnemühle German Etching
Although the surface is a little coarser than that of museum etching,
the charm and flavor of the paper itself can be enjoyed!
This paper has been loved by the most professional printmakers and artists in the world!

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Sapientia, 4th stage, Anima of Wisdom.
Tibetan Dance framed image
Sapientia, 4th stage, Anima of Wisdom.
A4framed picture180USDA3framed picture240USD


A4framed picture180USDA3framed picture240USD
Firecracker framed Phoenix, round in body, square in mind 
A4framed picture180USDA3framed picture240USD
Phoenix, round in body, square in mind
A4framed picture180USDA3framed picture240USD

all see art works

The paintings are just so beautiful that I want to hang them up and look at them forever

I want you to buy it just for that reason.

What makes my work unique is that it is just beautiful.

Redon, Madame Arthur Fontaine
Redon, Madame Arthur Fontaine
 I only hope that those who think so will purchase and display them for that reason alone!

I think it is important to know that the painting or print you are buying is a good investment because it is likely to increase in value in the future, but that is only the second or third reason.

The painter whose talent and qualities are closest to mine is Odilon Redon, a master of pastels and prints from the Impressionist period.

Kunio Motoe, an art critic in Japan , wrote in his book "Odilon Redon," "A master always has what can only be called an innate talent, a genius. Odilon's heavenly beauty of color is also nothing short of genius!

My art works also has those colors.

And they are unique to Redon and me, and can be expressed with only pastels or Japanese paints.

If you lived at the same time as Redon, you would want Redon's paintings of women and flowers in vases because they are purely beautiful.

Wouldn't you want to own those original paintings and look at them every day?
That is why I want you to do the same.
Nowadays, pastel paintings by Redon, as delicate and fragile as butterfly wings, can no longer be transported to museums, and new works are rarely sold at auction.
Today, Redon's works are extremely hard to find and expensive.

However, I believe that this is a reward for those who have purchased them.

I invites you to experience the ideas and ways of looking at things that you have never known before!

Maurice Denis Cézanne Praise
Maurice Denis Cézanne Praise

All of my works reflect the deep thoughts and perspectives on society, life, and things that I have studied since my university days.

For example, my latest work, Sapientia, reflects the ideas of psychoanalyst Jung, who is famous for the terms introvert and extrovert, and Praise for Leonardo da Vinci II reflects the ideas of Sigmund Freud, the discoverer of the unconscious.

Therefore, if you view Masahiko Yokota's giclee prints every day, they will stir your imagination and give you new perspectives, thoughts, and images about life and things.

If you visit my official website or subscribe to my email newsletter, you will see that I have an unusual amount of in-depth knowledge and understanding of literature, art, art history, art history, thought, psychiatry, philosophy, economics, management, and more.

Odilon Redon, whose qualities as a painter are very similar to mine, was respected as a mentor by younger painters of the Navi School and others, who called him "the ideal elephant of our generation, the Mallarmé of our generation, with his profound culture, his musical talent, and his friendly and kind nature.

The picture was painted by Maurice Denis, a member of the Navier School, in praise of Redon. It is Redon explaining the painting to the painters around him.

A contemporary of Renoir, Cézanne, and Monet, Redon painted the unconscious world, the human psyche, the spirit, the wholeness of human existence, literature, stories, and figments of the imagination, whereas these impressionists painted landscapes and nudes.

Redon was called "the explorer of the mysteries of the soul" at the time, and although it is not accurate to replace the mystery of the soul with that of the unconscious, it is easier to understand.

Popular Works 

Praising Leonardo da Vinci 2  Decisive jump (Salto Mortal )
Praising Leonardo da Vinci 2
A4framed picture180USDA3framed picture240USD
Decisive jump (Salto Mortal ) 
A4framed picture180USDA3framed picture240USD
Popular works Oannesu threw me a 'MUSIC  BOOK'in an irritable manner
Popular works
A4framed picture180USDA3framed picture240USD
Oannesu threw me a 'MUSIC  BOOK'in an irritable manner
A4framed picture180USDA3framed picture240USD

Kyoto 1945 August 6 AM 8:14:59 The longer you live, the more shame you suffer
Kyoto 1945 August 6 AM 8:14:59
A4framed picture180USDA3framed picture240USD
The longer you live, the more shame you suffer
A4framed picture180USDA3framed picture240USD
Crow Swallowtail Butterfly Swallowtail butterfly
Crow Swallowtail Butterfly
A4framed picture180USDA3framed picture240USD

Swallowtail butterfly
A4framed picture180USDA3framed picture240USD

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